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About Temple Pantera Cattery

                 Temple Pantera Cattery is located in SE Wisconsin, USA. 

Approximately 30 minutes north of Milwaukee and 90 minutes north of Chicago.

Cattery e-mail:    

   fb:  Temple Pantera Cattery

Cattery owner--breeder--exhibitor   Roberta J. Temple (Bobbi) 

  e-mail:   fb: Bobbi Temple


Temple Pantera Cattery is dedicated to raising healthy and well-socialized Highlander kittens and cats. 

At Temple Pantera Cattery, our cats and kittens are our beloved pets. For us, the very most important part of being a cattery owner is making sure that our cats and kittens are part of our FAMILY.  We Love them, spend time with them, and give them the best care we can each and every day! This ensures that our adult cats are happy and healthy and our kittens are well socialized with other cats, learn "cat etiquette", and are great with small children and a rambunctious household. They are affectionate and smart. Some even learn tricks and commands while they are still very young!

All of our cats and kittens receive quality veterinary care, regular check-ups, routine test, and annual vaccinations. We are fortunate to have an outstanding Veterinarian and breeding specialist, Dr Marty Greer, and an equally outstanding veterinary staff  at Veterinary Village which we communicate with regularly to ensure that our cats continue to stay healthy and happy. Our cats are fed quality food and supplements recommended by the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery's study on feline Nutrition.

All adult cats in our breeding program are DNA tested for over 50 known feline diseases and disorders to ensure that they have NO genetic markers.  I am very Proud that our Queen, Tomi LaRin, was the very first Highlander to be Genome Sequenced to create a "DNA map" of her genetic make-up as the first step in the Highlander Genome Project. She is one of the Highlanders included in the 99 Lives Cat Initiative project conducted by geneticist Dr Leslie Lyons at MU College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. Heading: HIGHLANDER TAIL STUDY


The Temple Pantera Cattery is a small home based breeding program. Our focus is on providing  healthy Highlanders. With this in mind, we strive to breed quality cats that have that amazing Highlander personality! The "Highlander Cattitude" is friendly, playful, silly, affectionate, self confident, Intelligent, and adventurous. Highlanders are purrrfectly meowvelous family pets. We have raised therapy cats as well.

Temple Pantera Cattery is very active in the cat clubs and associations. Our cats participate in cat shows around the country. We are proud to say that our beautiful furbabies have been some of the most awarded Highlanders each show season since we first began showing. We even had the 2nd highest awarded Highlander in our very first TICA show season! And  she was the highest awarded Highlander the following year! Our cats and kittens have done very well in the show rings and seem to really enjoy the attention and pampering.

At Temple Pantera. we enjoy the fun and friendship among the Cat Fancy and the cat shows.  We also support our local rescues as well as larger nonprofit rescues worldwide. In fact, part of our cattery name is in honor of a big cat rescue called The Pantera Foundation.  Also, "Temple", is not just our last name, but is also represents our favorite Nat Geo Wild documentary about the tiger reserve located on the grounds of an ancient Temple. Even our " Amazon Smile" account donates to "Big Cat Rescue".  As the  Highlander Genome Project Coordinator,  I (Bobbi) have dedicated much of my free time to feline research and organizing fundraisers for the 99 Lives Cat Initiative on behalf of the Highlander Tail Study as well as for the other genome projects that benefit all cats. (pedigreed, pets, and even wild cats)


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